Rosemary Reed – visionary, producer, creative director of Infinite Mixed Reality Studios.

Born in Central London to Irish parents she was instilled with the hard work ethic she has maintained throughout her working life.

She began her career in the health and wellbeing Industry and received many awards as a leader in her field.

Progressing into personal management and became a member of the PMA successfully representing sports personalities and performers in both TV and music.
Expanding her horizons into production she produced highly successful and critically acclaimed TV shows.

Infinite Mixed Reality Studios is one of the worlds leading 360 VR production houses creating with her team unique and innovative cutting-edge content for the world of 360 VR entertainment.

She is committed to motivating others to follow their dreams and believe all they wish for can be achieved.

Her work in creating the worlds first 360 VR Retreat has given her a platform to create VR Studios dedicated to the mind, body and spirit championing topics concerning the planet and all its inhabitants.

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